Ever since Tom Smith invented the Christmas Cracker they've been designed to be used and disposed of, unless like me you kept some special ones as Christmas tree decorations. We love crackers, although felt guilty that they headed to landfill after Christmas. We thought there must be a way that we can make Christmas Crackers friendlier to the environment and ultimately more sustainable.

We make all our crackers using cardstock that can be recycled, and in fact our popular red gingham Christmas crackers are actually made from recycled card! We decorate our crackers with paper and card that can also be recycled (although some of our decorations are too nice to throw away we've been told!). We use paper raffia ribbon on several of our Christmas Crackers which can be recycled, however the wider ribbon ties are not currently recyclable so we've got some suggested ways to reuse these below.

Meanwhile inside our Christmas crackers we source gifts, chocolate and fudge locally, and work with our lovely suppliers to use packaging that can be recycled or composted, including biodegradeable vegetable based plastic. We avoid single use oil based plastics, this is the stuff that you'll have heard about in the news and nature documentaries that is clogging up our oceans and worse still breaks down into micro plastics and is now being shown to be entering the food chain. The cracker snap is made from thin card and apart from the bit that houses the small amount of 'gunpowder' to make the snap noise can be recycled - just remember to snip off the 'gunpowder' first. The gold paper hats are made from recycled paper and can also be recycled, and the jokes are printed on paper which can also be recycled.

We package your handmade Christmas crackers in a cardboard box, which can be recycled or re-used, and use tissue paper inside the box which again can be recycled.

Please do recycle wherever possible, we know it get's a bit fiddly and there's some work involved in remembering to follow our advice above, however we think this is a small amount of effort for a very big positive result. And we're also doing our bit, when we cut our crackers we collect up all the cuttings and recycle them.

Christmas crackers delivered in a box

Box can be recycled.

Cracker hats and jokes can be recycled

Hats and jokes can be recycled.

Recycling the cracker snap

Cut the snap and recycle the brown card.


We mentioned above that the ribbon ties are currently not recyclable, apart from the Christmas Crackers where we've used the paper raffia ribbon ties which can be recycled.

So where you can't recycle how about reusing it. We love the idea that our ribbon ties could be reused so why not think about how you could make them part of your Christmas decorations, maybe as a tie for Christmas tree bauble or a table top decoration.

Even though the box we package your Christmas Cracker order is recycable you could also consider reusing it. We think it's such a lovely shape and size it would be great to decorate and use for storing photos or special momentos, practical storage in your craft room maybe, or even useful for storing special Christmas tree decorations.

Our Christmas Cracker decorations made using paper and card, as we said above, can be recycled. However we know from your feedback and comments that many of these are just too nice to throw away, so why not reuse them as decorations for your tree or in your home. Again, we really love the idea that you reuse what we make.

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