We currently use Royal Mail for the delivery of your Christmas cracker order and make no money from the postage fee. Royal Mail uses the size of the box to determine if a parcel is small or medium. Generally your Christmas cracker order, due to the size of the packaging, will fall into one of those two dimensions. They also use weight ranging from below 1KG up to 20KG when considering if it's small or medium.

When you place your order you'll see the postage cost will be added. We've calculated this based on the Royal Mail criteria of size and weight. As a guide to how much your postage might be:

£3.70 - if classified as small parcel and up to 1 KG in weight

£5.57 - if classified as small parcel and up to 2 KG in weight

£5.90 - if classified as medium parcel and up to 1 KG in weight

In our experience most cracker orders fall into one of the first two categories. A box of up to six crackers usually being the first price and more than twelve crackers into the second or third pricing.

As they price on weight this is good news as crackers are generally quite lightweight!

These are all first class prices as we'd like your Christmas crackers to be with you as soon as possible. Usually it's next working day or two for delivery however given the covid-19 pandemic and the likelihood that lots of us will be ordering more online this Christmas than ever before, work on the basis that delivery make take a little longer.


Obviously we're really hopeful that you won't want to do that. If you do decide to, we ask that the crackers be returned in all original packaging and are not damaged or have been pulled. As long as they meet this condition we'll provide a full refund on return with no questions asked.

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