White Snowflake Christmas Crackers

White Snowflake Christmas crackers

£2.49 - £3.99

NEW These would be perfect if you've gone for an ice white Christmas theme. We've used a gorgeous pearlescent white card for these crackers and then die cut differing sized snowflakes and tied with shimmering white ribbons.

Choose what you want inside each cracker (price per cracker)

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White snowflake Christmas crackers
White snowflakes christmas crackers
Snowflakes white christmas crackers
Pretty snowflakes white christmas crackers
A hat and joke inside every Christmas cracker
Christmas cracker dimensions

You choose what goes inside each Christmas cracker

You choose what you'd like inside your White Snowflake Christmas crackers, and remember along with your choice your cracker will come with a joke and paper hat, and snaps when pulled!

Premium gifts

Premium gifts inside your Christmas crackers

A beautiful handmade gift inside each Christmas cracker.

Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates inside your Christmas crackers

A delicious handmade chocolate inside each Christmas cracker.

Tasty fudge

Handmade creamy fudge inside your Christmas crackers

A creamy handmade fudge inside each Christmas cracker.

Paper puzzles

Paper puzzles inside your Christmas crackers

Comes with a pencil to complete the puzzle!

Fill your own

Fill your own Christmas crackers

One end left open for you to add your own gifts.

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