Silver and Purple Christmas Crackers

Limited edition silver and purple Christmas crackers

£9.99 - £14.99

Limited Edition Every year we make a limited edition collection to sell at events and fairs, sadly this year we're unable to attend any. However we thought it would still be fun to create some, so here's our sparkly silver and purple design featuring two mirrorcard silver, two mirrorcard purple and two matt silver Christmas crackers. We have just one box remaining, containing handmade chocolates.

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Silver and purple Christmas crackers
Purple and silver Christmas crackers
Silver mix with purple Christmas crackers
Silver and purple bubbles Christmas crackers
Silver and purple decorated Christmas crackers
A hat and joke inside each Christmas cracker
Christmas cracker dimensions

Inside your Christmas crackers

We currently have one box of each of the following, each cracker also comes with a joke and paper hat, and will snap when pulled!

Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates inside your Christmas crackers

A delicious handmade chocolate in each Christmas cracker.

Premium gifts

Premium gifts inside your Christmas crackers

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Handmade crackers

Handcrafted Christmas crackers

Made in the UK

Made by us here in the UK

No cheap plastic contents

No cheap plastic toys inside

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