Red and Green Holly and Poinsettia Christmas Crackers

Red and green holly and poinsettia christmas crackers

£19.99 - £23.99

Limited Edition Combining classic Christmas colours these gorgeous red and green Christmas Crackers are decorated with holly and poinsettia pictures and tied with textured ribbons. We've only made five boxes of these as we only have a small amount of the decorated paper.

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Box of six red and green christmas crackers
Red and green christmas crackers
Christmas cracker dimensions

Inside these crackers

Each Christmas cracker is made by hand, and features a hat, joke and snaps when pulled, and come in the following contents options.

Premium gifts

Premium gits inside your Retro Christmas crackers

A handmade gift inside each cracker, note colour of handkerchief and bracelet kit will vary.

Tasty fudge

Handmade creamy fudge inside your Christmas crackers

A creamy tasty fudge, handmade in Worcestershire, inside each Christmas Cracker.

Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates inside your Retro Christmas crackers

A delicious chocolate truffle, handmade in Warwickshire, in each Christmas Cracker.

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