Christmas cracker contents

What you choose to put inside your Christmas cracker is up to you

We've sought out like minded people who hand craft great gifts and share our passion for no single-use oil based plastic. Check out the details below and remember whatever contents you choose your handmade Christmas crackers come with hat, joke and snap when pulled. If you've seen our video you'll know how great they sound!

If you have any questions about our Christmas cracker contents or you'd like to add a premium gift content to your order please us and we'll get in touch.

Delicious handmade chocolates

With each Christmas cracker you'll get a hat, snap and joke, plus a handmade chocolate.

Handmade foil wrapped chocolates for Christmas crackers
Handmade chocolates for Christmas crackers

We're delighted to offer six different chocolates this year from our friends at Henley Chocolates. Each handmade chocolate is foil wrapped in a pretty Christmas colour, to maintain freshness, and has a beautiful cocoa butter pattern on the top.

The chocolate choices are milk chocolate solid, dark chocolate solid, plus four tantalizing flavours including: milk chocolate honeycomb, milk chocolate orange, dark chocolate peppermint and white chocolate raspberry. When you place your order we'll provide a mix of these. If you have specific flavours you'd prefer please email us once you've ordered and we'll do our very best to meet your requirement, subject to the stock we have. We'd recommend placing your order as early as possible if you do have specific flavours in mind.

Allergens: these chocolates contain milk and soy lecithin, a naturally derived ingredient that is used as an emulsifier. The chocolates are also made in an area where nuts and other allergens are used as an ingredient and therefore may contain tiny traces.

Handmade chocolates for Christmas crackers

Paper puzzles contents

With each Christmas cracker you'll get a hat, snap and joke, plus a paper puzzle and pencil.

Paper puzzle for Christmas crackers
Paper puzzle for Christmas crackers

With the environment in mind these are the perfect puzzle to keep little ones and grown ups occupied while they're waiting for the Christmas pudding! We've created different puzzles including crossword and maze, and each comes complete with a little pencil to complete it.

Fill your own

Here's where you can really personalise your Christmas cracker. We leave one end open ended, so all you need to do is add your very own gift inside, and we provide the hat, snap and joke, plus of course the ribbon to tie it up, find out more about fill your own Christmas Crackers.

Fill your own christmas crackers
Christmas crackers dimensions

Premium gifts

Inside each Christmas cracker you'll get a hat, snap and joke, plus one of these beautiful handmade gifts.

Premium gift collection

Premium gifts inside your christmas crackers

Cotton Handkerchief

Cotton hankies inside your christmas crackers

Christmas candle

Christmas candles for inside christmas crackers

Guest soap

Guest soaps for inside christmas crackers

Garden seeds

Garden seeds for inside christmas crackers

Bracelet making kit

Stretch bracelet making kit for inside christmas crackers

LIMITED Premium gifts have some availability including handkerchiefs, garden seeds, guest soap, candle and bracelet making kits, please contact us if you'd like to add any of these premium gift contents to your Christmas Cracker order. Please note the lip balm and bathbomb are now out of stock.

Delicious handmade fudge

This has been a popular choice, and we've now sold out of our fudge for this year.

Handmade wrapped fudge for Christmas crackers
Handmade fudge for Christmas crackers


Handmade crackers

Handcrafted Christmas crackers

Made in the UK

Made by us here in the UK

No cheap plastic contents

No cheap plastic toys inside

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