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We're on a mission to remove single-use plastic from Christmas crackers

When we started to make and sell our Christmas crackers the one thing people commented on was "wow no plastic!". It's been our mission from day one, to make beautiful Christmas crackers without having single-use plastic inside them.

We're happy that more people now recognise the harm from single-use plastic in our environment. We purposely seek out artisans and crafts people who make beautiful gifts without using plastic. We feel Christmas cracker contents should be appreciated, enjoyed and, where necessary, be recyclable.

Andrew selling Christmas crackers

Primarily crackers are disposable so with this in mind we wanted ours to be recyclable wherever possible. So we came up with the idea of creating paper puzzles to go inside the crackers. For example in our early Christmas crackers we created puzzles such as a crossword or wordsearch. In addition we added a small pencil to complete the puzzle. Once the puzzle was completed you had a handy little pencil you could use again and again!

As we've grown in our experience we've found amazing suppliers who think like us. Like the amazing Carly at Beeutiful who has created the most gorgeous honey lip balm in a cardboard tube. Or how about Sally at Henley Chocolates who sources local ingredients for her delicious handmade chocolates.

We believe Christmas crackers should be fun and bring an element of surprise, who remembers pulling them as a child and wondering what would be inside? For most of us, in the past, it would have been single-use plastic. Now we can enjoy useful and beautiful gifts that minimise the impact on our planet.

I do hope you like our Christmas cracker collection this year and you'll join us on our mission to rid Christmas crackers of single-use plastic contents.

Andrew Hill - owner of Cracker Emporium


Andrew making some crackers

Andrew making a Christmas cracker

Sourcing small cones for Christmas crackers

Sourcing small cones for cracker decorations

Andrew setting up for photos of Christmas cracker contents

Andrew setting up contents for website photos

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